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Timber Frames.

Heron Timber Frames first started producing Timber Frames for our own housing developments in the spring of 1985. Since then Timber Frame building has rapidly increased in popularity to become the building method of choice for both Self Builders and Developers. Our frames have been used to build hundreds of homes and many Commercial Buildings all over the UK. Timber Frame building is now recognized and accepted as a traditional building method within the UK house building industry. In Scotland, where they are blessed with an abundance of timber, more than 70% of new homes are built in this way! 

A pair of Semi Detached Houses
Project for DU Construction
Standalone Squash Courts
Frame Roofed

Advantages of Timber Frames.

Building houses and  Commercial Buildings using Timber Frames offers several advantages over brick & block building. The main advantages are as follows:

  • A Timber Frame property will be built much faster than a brick & block property. This makes for reduced costs and a far quicker completion time. Self Builders get to move in sooner and Developers get to sell them quicker!

  • Timber Frame buildings are generally more energy efficient due to higher insulation values.

  • The structural interior of the property is precision engineered in a factory so you can be sure that every partition and every wall within your property will be totally and completely square. 

  • All Heron Timber Frames come with Metal Web Joists, thereby making it far easier for services to be installed in the property. This makes for reduced costs due to far less work for the tradesmen (Electricians & Plumbers) in fitting the services. Metal Web Joists are also stronger and more rigid than traditional timber joists and they offer greater sound dampening qualities too.

  • A Timber Frame Property can be insulated for a greater degree of soundproofing than that offered by standard brick & block properties. 

Heron Timber Frames are manufactured using top quality European CLS grade (Canadian Lumbar Standard) timber. We utilise the timber framing concept known as "Platform Framing". Please follow the link here for an informative article in Wikepedia on the concept.  

In addition to being able to design a bespoke Timber Frame for your own architect prepared plans, we also have a massive stock of our own designs for all sorts of various properties. Timber Frame construction is very adaptable and we have designs for all sorts of houses from cosy cottages to large modern homes with plenty of glass! 

Timber Frames Wales Timber Frames Manufacturer

Penmachno, Conway.........Last truss being craned into place.

We also have plenty of designs for bungalows, log cabins, garden rooms and stables! Call us on 01766 762794 to see what we can do for you. It costs nothing to talk.......

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