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Easi Joists metal web joist system.

Welcome to our page on Easi Joists metal web joist system. Easi Joists are custom designed and manufactured at our plant in Ffestiniog using the same state of the art computer aided design, machinery and production processes that we use for our Timber Frames.  The video below offers a good explanation of the benefits of using Easi Joists and how they work.

Advantages of Easi Joists.

Using Easi Joists metal web joist system offers several advantages over traditional solid joists, many of which contribute to lower overall building costs. The main advantages are as follows:

  • Open web system gives almost uninterrupted access for the passage of services!

  • Wide (72mm) flanges provides a large area to fix floor deck & ceiling, thereby making the task of fixing floor decks and ceilings a lot easier.

  • All joists are made to measure so it reduces on site wastage.

  • Metal Web Joists can run over longer, continuous spans and will come to site ready cut to length with a custom designed plan explaining the installation in full. Therefore the potential for confusion or error is essentially removed.

  • Metal Web Joists out perform solid joists in span and dimensional stability, and they provide the added benefit of a greater load bearing area too.

  • Metal web system eliminates having to sometimes run surface piping.

  • Minimal shrinkage, Minimal swelling and NO warping!

  • Lightweight construction and depth compatible with solid joist sizes. They can be top chord supported. 

  • Metal Web Joists are usually installed in some 50% less time than solid joists.

  • Metal Web Joists dampen sound far more than Solid Joists. 

To see a full Technical Manual of the Easi Joists metal web joist system, please Click Here!

Get a quotation for your current project by calling us on 01766 762794.

Timber Frames Wales Timber Frames Manufaturer
Timber Frames Wales Timber Frames Manufaturer

Fairbourne, Gwynedd........Easi Joists being used to set up floating floor...........

Dimensions of Easi Joists internals.......

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